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Detox Program

The Detox Program is intended for a wide range of people with symptoms of physical and emotional exhaustion, premature aging, chronic fatigue, overweight, and allergic reactions. This program is aimed at correcting and strengthening natural cleansing mechanisms and normalizing the physiological processes of the gastrointestinal tract.  

The Detox Program Goal is to get rid of the harmful substances, to normalize digestion, to strengthen the body natural defenses, to get rid of allergies, to increase physical efficiency, to lose weight and to improve the skin condition as well as the overall well-being.

The Detox Program is for the people of all ages who want to improve their health, boost their immunity, improve the digestive system, reduce inflammation and increase energy levels.

Revitalize Your Body and Mind with Our Detox Program at Smile Spiral.

The Detox Program Includes:

  • Consultation (analysis of the general physical condition)

  • Acupuncture/Su Jok/Ear Acupuncture

  • Moxibustion/Cupping /Light Therapy 

  • Unit Massage

  • Therapeutic Exercise (Group Session)

  • Dietary Recommendations 

  Monday – Friday  From 9am to 12pm

                                     Duration of each session 40 minutes

  Therapeutic exercise every Monday 7pm-8pm

   Set of 10 sessions 

   Set of 20 sessions 

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