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General Wellness Program

The General Wellness Program aimed to increase the general physical strength and to reduce the symptoms of the chronic discomfort. This program is suitable for those who feel the decline of the protective functions of the immune system, suffer from chronic fatigue and wants to avoid the serious health disorders.



The General Wellness Program is for those who want to protect themselves from chronic diseases, require rehabilitation using natural methods to improve the body strength, those who experience an emotional or physical fatigue, anxiety and the professional burnout. Enjoy exclusive discounts of our “General Wellness” program.

The General Wellness Program Includes:

  • Consultation (analysis of the general physical condition)

  • Acupuncture/Su Jok/Ear Acupuncture

  • Moxibustion/Cupping /Light Therapy 

  • Unit Massage

  • Therapeutic Exercise (Group Session)

  • Dietary Recommendations 

  Monday – Friday  From 9am to 12pm

                                     Duration of each session 40 minutes

   Therapeutic exercise every Monday 7pm-8pm

    Set of 10 sessions 

    Set of 20 sessions 

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